Bi first at Blackpool Pride this weekend

Bi Banner
Blackpool is one of many Prides with bi presences this summer – how about organising one at yours?

The bisexuals have arrived in Blackpool! Well this weekend at least, as for the first time in Blackpool LGBT Pride‘s nine-year history there will be a bi community stall as part of the proceedings.

Local(ish) bi group BiPhoria in Manchester will be bringing the pink, purple and blue to the festival, and say that if there is support and momentum from this year then next year they hope to have a parade entry as well.

We got in touch with the Manchester group who told us, “we were actively approached by the Blackpool Pride organisers, wanting to make sure there was bi representation this year as part of working to reach the wider LGBT communities. It’d be great if more Prides did that kind of outreach too to smaller bi groups in their area.”

The bi stall will be there all Saturday afternoon. Drop by and say hello – Blackpool Pride is free though if you can then please do make a donation.

The main event is at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens which is in the centre of town. From Blackpool North Station, head straight down Talbot Road, turn left into Abingdon Street and the Winter Gardens is 400 yards in front of you. If you are coming by car, park in NorthShore and ask for Talbot Road – walk towards the sea front and turn left into Abingdon Street