Dear Mr President…

US flag in bi coloursA White House website petition calling on President Obama to proclaim observance of Bi Visibility Day has just launched – but needs to reach 100,000 signatures to ensure a formal response from the White House. With four weeks to go, can we find 100,000 bisexuals and allies to sign their names?

The petition reads:

Recognize International Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

Every year since 1999, bisexuals and our supporters have celebrated our unique ability to love someone no matter their gender on September twenty-third. Some people refer to this day as “International Celebrate Bisexuality Day” and others refer to it as “Bi Visibility Day”. We face the unique problem of invisibility- when we are in same-sex relationships people assume we are gay, and when we are in opposite-sex relationships it is assumed that we are straight. In fact, many people assert that we do not exist at all. [Source:] Mr. President, can you help us by proclaiming the observance of International Celebrate Bisexuality Day in the United States?

You can add your name here.