Equality Quango Erasing Bis?

Equality & Human Rights Commission logoIs the Equality & Human Rights Commission erasing bisexuality and neglecting the need to tackle biphobia?

The government has announced work on tackling biphobia, transphobia and homophobia and finding the best ways of doing so from the many projects that have been tried around the UK in recent years, to change the bullying culture that is still too prevalent in many schools.

The Equality & Human Rights Commission has put work on those issues out to tender – but the “B” seems to have dropped out the moment this project moved from government to quango, as what they say they are looking for in their listing for the tender is:

Purpose of this Project is to encourage greater reporting of homophobic and transphobic hate crime through advice and support to LGB and T communities (particularly in rural areas or where isolation exists or where reporting is notably low) and closer working relationships across criminal justice agencies and LGB and T organisations in tackling hate crimes.

BCN magazine have challenged them on this: editor Jen Yockney told us, “If this is meant to include biphobia and bisexual communities, it’s a bad sign that the Commission felt they could drop that word. If it’s accidental omission, it would be interesting to know how often they have equally accidentally missed out homophobia or lesbian and gay from materials meant to cover all of LGB or LGBT. I suspect never!”

The Commission has yet to respond.