Bringing children to BiCon?

BICON-ljThis year’s annual bisexual gathering BiCon has unveiled its plans for creche facilities.

The childcare this year is provided by Bulwell Community Toy Library. The organisers say it will be open at least four hours each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  They hope to extend hours to cover the whole daytime session time on Friday and Saturday, but can’t confirm yet.

The facility is free for attendees to use but must be booked in advance: the event runners need to know how many children will be using the crèche, as there are rules limiting the number of children per crèche worker. Please email to book for the crèche.

Pre-booked children will always be given priority.

The team also highlight that even if you are not planning to use the creche but are bringing children with you, letting the conference team know in advance is important.  They comment:  “if we know you’re bringing children we may be able to help in other ways, like giving you a more suitable bedroom or making sure there are more child-friendly sessions.”