"International Approaches to Bisexuality" seminar – London

London South Bank University hosts a half-day seminar on “International Approaches to Bisexuality” on Wednesday 7 November 2007. Chaired by Alessandra Iantaffi (researcher on bisexuality and therapist), some of the best names in bi-related theory and research will be presenting their latest work.

Speakers include:

Ron Fox (Professor in Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco) on “International Perspectives on Bisexuality: Documenting and Preserving History in the Making”

Matthew Waites (Lecturer in Sociology, Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences, University of Glasgow) on “Bisexuality, ‘Sexual Orientation’ and Human Rights: The Global Politics of Sexual Identities”

Clare Hemmings (Senior Lecturer in Gender Theory and Gender Studies, London School of Economics) on “Bisexuality and Queer Transnationalism ”

The seminar will be preceded by a morning of related events, namely a series of presentations and workshops by and for PhD students and others researching bisexuality.

Morning of Related Events (9.30am-1pm)

Toni Brennan _ Charlotte Wolf and the history of bisexual research

Robin Cackett – The Freud-Fliess-Controversy or: Investments in Bisexuality in Early Psychoanalysis

Helen Bowes-Catton _ ‘Swordfighting, Drag Kings, and Cuddles – Embodying Identity in ‘spectacular’ bisexual space

Christian Klesse _ Personal identities and sexuality research: on reflexivity and positionality

Alex Toft _ Bisexual Christians: The Lived Experiences of a Marginalised Community

Workshop on the links and tensions between bi academic research and queer theory, bi activism and queer activism. Facilitated by Camel Gupta and Meg Barker

Website: www.criticalsexology.org.uk