London bis wanted

LGBT research – bi focus group participants needed

Do you identify as a bisexual woman or man? Do you live in London and use (or want to use) the public transport system? If so, we want to hear your views!

Transport for London (TfL) has commissioned research into LGBT people’s experiences of public transport, including buses, night buses, the tube and the DLR. The results of the research will inform TfL’s Sexual Orientation Equality Scheme. This is an action plan to ensure TfL’s services and employment practices support sexual orientation equality in London and tackle discrimination faced by LGBT people. The research is being carried out by Katherine Cowan (, and by Synovate (

We want to find out about:
• your experiences of using public transport in London (good and bad)
• any barriers which you feel prevent you from using public transport (in the way that you would like to)
• how safe you feel using the transport system
• your views on TfL’s customer service
• your ideas on how TfL can better communicate with its LGBT customers

We will be holding focus group discussions in central London at the following times:

• 23rd October 8:30-10:30pm – focus group for bisexual men

• 24th October 8:30-10:30pm – focus group for bisexual women

We are looking for up to six participants per group, all of whom will receive £60 as a thank you for their time.

The names of all participants will be kept completely confidential and will not be included in the report or passed on to TfL.

For further information, please contact Paul Rieger at Synovate: