Unison debates bi progress

One of the biggest Trades Unions in the country, Unison, will discuss progress on bi inclusion and liberation at their annual LGBT conference this month. A motion has been put on the conference agenda by the national executive which reads as follows:

Conference welcomes the progress made – with the active involvement of bisexual members – in raising the profile of bisexual issues in UNISON. This has included the establishment of an inclusive Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) group and the setting up of a bisexual members’ caucus with representation on the National Committee.

Conference welcomes the progress to date but believes there is much more to be done to raise the issues of bisexual members, promote bisexual visibility, support bisexual members to “come out” and increase awareness of bisexual issues throughout the union.

Conference also welcomes the increase in the proportion of delegates at national LGBT conference who identified as bisexual to 14% in 2006, but acknowledges that more needs to be done to promote the full inclusion and participation of bisexual members in our structures.

Conference calls therefore for the National LGBT Committee to:
1. Continue to give priority to the development of the bisexual members caucus and ensure that bisexual issues are a key focus of the committee’s work;
2. Produce a recruitment leaflet aimed specifically at bisexual members;
3. Continue to develop links with bisexual community groups in order to recruit and organise bisexual members and encourage regional groups to do the same;
4. Produce information materials on bisexual issues;
5. Liaise with UNISON’s Learning and Organising Services regarding the production of training materials and the inclusion of bisexual issues in training programmes;
6. Work with the National Executive Council to ensure that UNISON’s structures and resources are inclusive of the needs of bisexual members;
7. Seek opportunities to raise awareness of these issues within the wider union at national, regional and branch level;
8. Work with sister unions through the Trades Union Congress (TUC) LGBT Committee to share best practice.