Lammy Nominees for Bisexual Category 2006

The nominations for the new Bisexual category in the Lammy book awards, in alphabetical order:

1.. Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual Women and Bisexual Men edited by Ronald C. Fox, PhD (Haworth Press, due out Oct 2006)
2.. Bi Guys: A Fiction Anthology edited by Ron Suresha (Haworth Press, November 2006)
3.. Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way by Ron Jackson Suresha and Pete Chvany (Haworth Press, January 2006)
4.. The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips, and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways by Nicole Kristal and Mike Szymanski (Alyson Books, Oct 2006)
5.. Doo-Lang Love by Chad Sosna, I-Universe
6.. Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves by Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio (Haworth Press, December 2006)
7.. Five Married Men by Martin Brant (iUniverse, Inc. July 16, 2006)
8.. Incognito Street by Barbara Sjoholm, Seal Press
9.. Jesus in Love by Kittredge Cherry, AndroGyne Press
10.. The Mandrake Broom by Jess Wells, Firebrand
11.. Spin Control by Chris Moriarty (Bantam Spectra, June 27, 2006)
12.. Three Sides to Every Story by Clarence Nero, Harlem Moon Doubleday
13.. Stolen by Annette Lapointe (Anvil Press)