So much for bis to choose from!

BiReCon, the conference on bisexuality theory, research and academia being held as part of the extended International BiCon in London next week, has published its workshop session programme. There will be two workshop slots, so conference attendees can choose between any of the sessions in slot 1 and any of the sessions in slot 2.

Workshop 1:

Room 1: Lindsay River – Issues for older bisexual people
Room 2: Ele Hicks – Supporting and finding the bisexuals
Room 3: Ruth Hunt and Louise Kelly – bis in the workplace
Room 4: Hartmut Friedrichs – Political strategy: bisexual or queer? – a two-eyed approach

Workshop 2:

Room 1: Rebecca Jones – ‘When I get older’: Imagining your bisexual future
Room 2: Surya Monro – Bridging the Gap: The bisexual community influencing policy making
Room 3: Richard Lohman & Carola Towle – Working for bi equality – how can we use the 2010 Equality Act?
Room 4: Sue George – Bi blogging