Presenting Bi Research

There’s so much going on at the BiReCon conference on bisexual theory & research next week. Here are details of the presentation sessions lined up: please note that for the presentations, attendees will be asked to choose one room and remain in it for that part of the conference, so you won’t be able to ‘mix and match’ from different streams at that part of the day.

Room 1

Nichola Wood – “…apparently you can’t be bisexual”: Bisexual experiences of inequality, prejudice and discrimination in the workplace

Ruth Hunt – Bisexuals in the workplace: Applying the research

Surya Monro – Where are all the bisexuals? Bisexuality and local government equalities work in the UK

Camel Gupta & George Voss – Activism in queer and bi spaces

Room 2

Helen Bowes-Catton – Visualising bisexual spaces

Lyndsey Moon – Bisexuality & therapy

Beth Roberts – Imag(in)ing bisexuality in the cinema

Kaye McLelland – Towards a bisexual Shakespeare

Room 3

Anna Einarsdottir – young LGBs and same sex marriage

Jenny Kangasvuo – “It’s Like a Wave, This Thing Called Bisexuality.” Comparing the Experiences of Finnish Bisexuals in 1999 and 2009

Miguel Obradors – Deconstructing biphobia

Christian Klesse – ‘I did my way …’ – Creating Bisexual Intimacies in the Face of Heteronormativity and Biphobia