NUS talks bi

The National Union of Students’ annual LGBT conference in May will discuss bisexuality – and specifically, the way bisexuality is exploited in sexist advertising.  The motion tabled for discussion reads:

405 Bisexuality – Sexism in Raunch Culture
Conference Believes:
1. That many members of our campaign define as bisexual or as being attracted to people of more than one gender.
2. That there are some very apparent negative stereotypes of bisexual people especially women.
3. That there is a pressure on ‘the scene’ to conform to these stereotypes. Meaning our own community is reinforcing these stereotypes.
Conference Further Believes:
1. That most popular images of bisexual women are related to raunch culture or the porn industry, mainly for profit.
2. The media reinforce the stereotypes of bisexual people.
3. That there is a huge taboo in society for men to be bisexual.
Conference Resolves:
1. For the NUS LGBT campaign to promote positive role models of bi people.
2. For the campaign to engage with the bi community on these issues.
3. To campaign against the commercialisation of our sexuality for profit and exploitation.

Conference is open to limited numbers of attendees from affiliated Universities and Colleges across the UK.