Google loves Pride month…

Search engine Google have a habit of putting little tweaks to their search engine’s appearance to mark particular dates or events.

This month, to mark LGBT Pride season, they’ve added a little rainbow flag that appears when you search for the words lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

At BiMedia, we love this!

That said – when you play with this special seasonal feature, it does highlight as you try each of those terms that while when you type in words like ‘lesbian’ or ‘gay’ the search engine’s predictive search kicks in and offers suggestions of what you might be looking for as you type, when you type ‘bisexual’ that doesn’t happen.

It seems google thinks the b-word is a bad word.

Maybe next year they could celebrate LGBT Pride month by losing their hangup about bisexuality?

4 thoughts on “Google loves Pride month…”

  1. I don’t believe that was intentional. When I did it last night it wouldn’t come up if I searched for anything after gay. For example gay equality I don’t believe showed up.

    But perhaps they were just using the search statistics. And they saw that less people were searching bisexuality? The majority of the public doesn’t really consider bisexuality or they lump it together with gay. It is sad but I think the overall purpose is beneficial to all in the community. Perhaps I will write a blog post about it.

    1. If you type a space after “gay” it carries on making suggestions after freezing oddly on the word (doesn’t do the same for lesbian – curiouser and curiouser).

      Once you get most of the way through the B word, nothing more comes up no matter what you type. Possibly this is “anything with the letters s-e-x in” but it does leave bis in an odd situation compared to the rest of LGBT.

      It’s an existing issue with the predictive search, not tied to the Pride season shiny thing, but the Pride season rainbows do remind us that they still think searching for bi is somehow wrong / naughty / for adults only / whatever!

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