Good to Give?

"It's Good To Give" advertA new press campaign urges us to remember charities working in and for the lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities in our wills.

Under the slogan “It’s Good To Give” the ads encourage people to remember LGBT charities in their will.

Paul Martin OBE, Chief Executive of Manchester’s Lesbian & Gay Foundation says: “It is really important to think about the difference leaving a legacy could make in securing the future for the next generation.”

However – with the exception of Bi Scotland – there are no specific bi charities in the UK, so we’d like to urge readers to take the ad in its spirit rather than letter: remember LGBT community groups and projects. Bisexual Index, Bi Community News, your local bi group: none of these are formal charities, yet you’d be amazed at the work a few hundred or thousand pounds could be turned into in their hands.