September 2003: Brighton swings our way

The mystery is how there wasn't a group for so many years before 2003...

Brighton BothWays started in September 2003. It was the first specifically Bi group for 18 yearas to run in the city that’s been known for its large and vibrant LGBT community for decades. The group has always been open to allies as well as bi people and those questioning their sexuality.

The group has been been through several incarnations over the last eight and a half years – the present structure with a monthly CoffeeMeet and TalkySpace has been running since 2009.

The group has organised four day-long BiFests and had a presence at several Brighton Prides. They work with other LGBT groups in the city on collaborative projects, and have held diverse events including camping trips, self defence classes, Life-drawing, a book-group, and clubbing. In recent times they’ve marked their group’s birthdays and celebrated Bi Visibility Day through events with cake and “bisexual cliché bingo”.

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(It wasn’t the first: Brighton Bisexual Action Network briefly flourished in 1985)


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