From Number 10 to Carlton Gardens

BCN Editor JenBCN magazine editor Jen Yockney was among the guests at last night’s equal marriage reception hosted by Nick Clegg at his official residence, 1 Carlton Gardens.

The event seems to be a counterpoint to David Cameron’s LGBT garden party on July 24th. That event thanked LGBT activists for their work on equality and promised to keep up the momentum on same-sex marriage as Parliament was in recess and the consultation phase had ended. Yesterday’s reception calmed frayed nerves following a reshuffle that some had worried meant equal marriage was a busted flush.

Jen told BiMedia: “Nick’s reception had a slightly different feel: the summer is ended and that puts us at a different point in the progress of the equal marriage legislation, as well as Clegg’s party having a very different history on such issues from Cameron’s.

“As a result his speech was less combative, and more focused on progress on equality – in particular thanking Lynne Featherstone for her work which has done so much to steer marriage equality and the trans action plan through government.”

Clegg also announced Jo Swinson MP as an additional equalities junior minister, succeeding Lynne Featherstone as the Liberal on that portfolio.