Bis lobby Stonewall

A postcard lobbying campaign targeted at getting UK gay equality group Stonewall to be more inclusive of bisexual people in their work was launched at Student Pride this weekend.

The “tackling bisexual invisibility” cards highlight the recent Stonewall report on social attitudes to lesbian and gay people, whose research, findings and recommendations were entirely in terms of lesbians and gay men. That followed last year’s Stonewall report on media representation which noted that no bisexuals had been spotted in the duration of the monitoring exercise, yet also only urged that the media raise the profile of lesbians and gay men.

One thought on “Bis lobby Stonewall”

  1. as you send in your comments to that group you might want to point out that it was actually a bisexual woman, the late Brenda Howard who was an early and important organizer at the time of their groups name-sake, the Stonewall Rebellion

    please do read the info & follow the links regarding her found in the top right-hand corner of our main page

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