ShoutOut Awards Pulls Bi Category

bi rosetteTonight the shortlists were announced for the second annual ShoutOut LGBT awards. Run by the local LGBT radio show for Bristol and surrounding areas, this is one of the few LGBT awards to recognise bi events and organisations.

Last year local bi meetup BiVisible won Best Bi Event, with the Queenshilling’s bi club night Greedy taking the runnerup spot. However on tonight’s radio show, the hosts announced that the category will not be going forward to the voting round because only BiVisible got any nominations in the first round – observing that “they got loads,” but as there were no other shortlistees, the award will go by the wayside rather than have a single-nominee category to vote on.

We hope they will give BiVisible the award anyway when the awards are announced – it would be a shame for them to lose for being too popular and not having enough competition up against them!

The programme’s website notes that the bi and women’s categories are both cancelled: “Best women’s event and best bi event.  Thank you for your interest in these categories, however there wasn’t enough nominees for us to open these categories up for you to vote on.”

The ShoutOut Awards are notable for having a bi related category and so – at least when there is enough variety in nominations – ensuring bi representation and promoting awareness of bi organisations and events.  Many other ‘LGBT’ awards fail to deliver on the ‘B’ due .

The Winter Pride UK Awards are currently being voted on and include a Lesbian category and a Gay category but do not have them for Bi or Trans – despite the “LGBT” naming of the event.  They have been challenged over this on twitter and pledged to change that in future years.

The Homo Hero awards meanwhile are “LGB” in name yet have an award for “challenging homophobia” but not a counterpart for fighting biphobia.

In the USA the Lambda Literary Awards recently merged their Best Bi Fiction and Best Bi Non-Fiction categories into a single category to ensure a large enough shortlist of nominees each year.