Marriage is on the up

Marriage figures - Wales & EnglandThe first statistics on same-sex marriage are out, showing around 1,400 weddings took place in the first three months of the new law coming into effect for Wales and England.

The majority of men and women marrying had never been married or in a civil partnership before (the ONS notes that this is the case for 91% of male couples and 79% of female couples). Marriage appears to be slightly more popular with women than with men – 56% of same-sex couples are women.

There were 95 same-sex marriages in the first three days, and numbers have grown slightly each month. This is probably more to do with the weather than anything else.

The government anticipated around 6,000 same-sex weddings a year, which it appears will be the case.

The 120,000 or so people in civil partnerships will have the option of converting their union to a marriage from 10 December, and same-sex marriage ceremonies will start in Scotland later this year.