bis and magazines 2013 bar chart

What do bis read…

Graph: websites people use often

The results are in… the annual BiCon survey data has been crunched and here are the findings on magazines and social media. 

And the key findings from 2013 are: we love facebook more than any other social network ; and while around half of us enjoy browsing a copy of BCN, we don’t really read the gay press!

OKcupid is much the most popular dating site, not surprising given it can handle bisexuality in a way many dating sites can’t.

LiveJournal’s prominent role in bi social networking has faded, now ranking behind Twitter, Facebook and BDSM social site FetLife.

The survey looks at bis who attend the biggest bi event of the year, and so reflects not the “bi in the street” but those actively connected to a bisexual community or for whom being bi is an important part of who they are.

bis and magazines 2013 bar chartThere’s much more to the survey findings than just these two areas though.  You can read the report on the BiPhoria website.