cover - the bisexual's guide to the universe

The Bisexual’s Electronic Guide to the Universe

cover - the bisexual's guide to the universeWith a name that honestly isn’t riffing on a Douglas Adams novel, The Bisexual’s Guide To The Universe is a hugely popular collection of bi argument, experience and geekery. And now it’s been released as an e-book on the kindle.

Which is a great help, as the print copies are getting harder to find.

Other books will tell you how it’s OK for bis to date straight or gay people. This breaks it down into the tongue-in-cheek pros and cons of each combination. Want a list of bi films? Other books give you films with bis in. This breaks it down into what fun category of film you’re looking for: don’t mind bad acting, don’t mind a lack of plot, don’t mind a lot of blood… You get the idea

It’s not perfect – genderqueer readers may feel quite left out by the bouncy men-this women-that writing style, for example. It’s American and in places the gap between US and UK culture, especially US and UK bi culture, starts to show. They don’t realise Bob and Rose was a different show from Gimme Gimme Gimme. But it is just about the most fun bi book you can keep about the place.

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