Bis still not Homo Heroes

homo hero awards 2011Tonight was the fourth Homo Hero award ceremony in Manchester, organised by the UK’s biggest LGBT sector health charity LGF.

With eight awards presented each year, there have been six bisexual community nominees shortlisted across the awards to date: Marcus Morgan of Bisexual Index twice, Jen Yockney of Bi Community News and BiPhoria twice, Natalya Dell from the BiCon 2011 team, and Bi Community News magazine.

This year the only one was Marcus Morgan, head of Bisexual Index, for volunteer of the year.

He lost out to longstanding Manchester trans activist Jenny-Anne Bishop.

After making six shortlists and still seeing no winners it’s starting to look like the Homo Heroes are an award where bisexual nominees are allowed through the door but just can’t take the trophy. Former nominee Jen Yockney blogged last year about how one of the awards specifically celebrates challenging homophobia, without a bi counterpart.